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Main sales products Fused silica diffuser nozzle, quartz protection sleeve, stopper plug, aluminum carbon outlet, aluminum and carbon protection sleeve, In the package water inlet, under the slider, sitting bricks, large package up and down nozzle, sliding nozzle, no mud, iron channel material, ferroalloy and other steel-making, iron-making refractory materials.
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Our company was founded in 1994, located in Qugou Industrial Park, Anyang city, the ancient capital of YinShang Dynasty, east of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, National Highway 107,north of Anlin road. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient.Our company covers 20,000 square meters, 280 employees, including 32 engineering technical personnels, and 25 million yuan fixed assets. In 2010, sales exceeded 160 million yuan. The company executes ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system standards and ISO 140001: 2004 environmental management standard system.

Main products: Fused Silica Submerged Nozzle, Quartz Protection Tube, Plug and Stopper,Aluminum Carbon Nozzle, Carbon Aluminum Protective Tube, Tundish Nozzle, Lower Slider,Block Brick, Ladle Nozzle, Sliding Gate, Anhydrous Stemming, Ferroalloy for steel-making andiron-making.Our company stick to the principle of delivery, tracking service, quality and credit first to ensure the interests of customers. Since 1994, the company strictly controls the quality of raw materials, complies with national industry standards and departmental standard, insist on market demand-oriented. To meet the needs of the metallurgical industry development, our companycontinues to public new products, which are selling more than 20 provinces and cities. Our company has established close cooperative relationship with many national refractories compa-nies, such as Henan Puyang Refractories, Shandong Xinemei, Beijing Lier, Qingdao Zhengwang. Some products are exported to Japan, Canada, Russia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan andother countries. Over the past decade, our products received a good reputation from its usersIn 2005, our company and several refractory companies established Refractory Industry AllianceAnyang Refractory Industrial Alliance is a northern regional cooperation organization in refrac-tories manufacturers. Members of the enterprises: Anyang County High Tech Refractories,Anyang High Tech Refractories Co, Ltd, Anyang Special refractories Factory, Anyang Chang-bo Refractories Co, Ltd, Anyang Casting Silicon Company, Anyang Jingdun Refractories Co.Ltd. and some other companies. Corporate Alliance is a strong technology team, with strongcapacities of research and development, application, promotion, production. Currently, theorganization's products play an important role in the domestic and foreign market. A variety ofproducts favor by customersIn order to adopt to the development of situation, our company implements the powerfulcombination and provides comprehensive, multi-view services to customers, so that customerscan understand, select and satisfy with heir needed products with high speed, short time andminimal manpower. The alliance products cover multiple aspects of iron-making, steelmaking, metallurgy and minerals. As for the charging, accessories, and the refractory materialsabundant supply, varieties of sorts, complete model, excellent quality, all provide customerswith a time-saving, and labor-saving resource platform to select and purchase.

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+86-137 8385 1401
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